Other trainings at GS1

In addition to trainings on the various standards and applications, there are also other training courses given by GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg or in collaboration with some of our partners.

power to the peppol

Peppol training courses

There are several types of Peppol training at GS1. You will find below the catalogue of the Peppol training courses provided by GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg.

To register, simply click on the course you are interested in and choose a date. If no date is scheduled, please do not hesitate to contact us (cross-sector@gs1belu.org or +32 2 896 52 13) and let us know if you are interested in one of our Peppol trainings. We will do our best to organise it. 

Don't forget: the trainings are included in the membership. 


Category management

Category Management 

In today's highly competitive and complex environment, the moment of truth in the consumer's journey is when they make the purchase, whether it's in-store or online. Defining how to attract buyers and especially how to convert them into buyers, by category, is a major challenge for retailers and suppliers.

Category management is the go-to approach to successfully meet this challenge, as it offers a proven, buyer-driven methodology to categorize the optimal assortment, shelf presentation, promotion plan and communication with the buyer. It also offers the ideal platform for strategic collaboration between retailers and suppliers.

There are two levels of the Category Management Master Class:

  • Essentials Master Class - for professionals with little or no expertise in category management.
  • Advanced Master Class - for professionals who already have basic category management expertise.

The two Master Classes were designed by Luc Desmedt (LD & Co), representing more than 30 years of professional experience. They consist of a combination of interactive presentations and practical workshops. Interaction with trainers and between participants will broaden your professional perspective and contribute to your learning experience.