My Coupon Manager (Coupon Data Pool)

Create and manage coupons in My Coupon Manager

My Coupon Manager is an electronic coupon processing platform. This platform simplifies and speeds up the processing of coupons at the POS. The main innovation of this project is that the coupon is linked to the products actually purchased. 

Using My Coupon Manager has several advantages: 

  • Improvement of the processing of vouchers at the POS by eliminating manual processing of paper coupons 
  • Having access to correct information quickly, which creates possibilities for better and more targeted promotional campaigns 
  • Reduced expenditures as a result of fraud 

All coupons must be linked to the products to which they relate, both in the GS1 My Coupon Manager and in the Extranet of HighCo.

Companies that are members of a GS1 organisation other than GS1 Belgilux can also create coupons for the Belgian/Luxembourgish market. For example, the company I love Coffee is a member of GS1 UK but would like to issue coupons on the Belgian/Luxembourgish market. The rate for this is € 214 (excl. VAT) (= annual contribution). 

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We will contact you as soon as the data has been checked and approved. The application is completed after payment. A confirmation is sent to you and to HighCo DATA.